It's My Information


Whether you need your information to travel, assist in treatment or just to find out  what others know about you, we can help.


After all it's your information.

   Personal Records


Everyone is entitled to have access to, or copies of, their personal Records.


With your authorisation we will obtain a copy of your selected records, convert them to a digital image and supply them on a secure USB device, which only you can access.


We will aslo include a Personal History form for you to complete, containing personal information, memorable dates and important numbers etc. so you always have your information to hand.


For further information and full details of our service contact us on 01495 308880 or click here to email us.

I want a copy of my


Records to 


ensure My Information is correct.

assist in completing Personal Reports.

provide details to My Employer.

review my Personal Information history.

and to always have My Information to hand.


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                                                                                                                         part of  Scan & Collate Ltd